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Special Topics on Solid State Physics: Advances and Applications

Credits: 3

Class Hour: Tuesday, 16:30-19:30

Lecturer: Lin, Minn-Tsong(林敏聰教授)

Classroom: Room 618, Dept of Physics, NTU

Course overview:

This is a seminar and discussion class which will cover a wide range of topics which are subject to intense interest in present-day Solid State Physics. Students will read about a specific topic (chosen by themselves, with the guidance of the Professor), before giving a short presentation in the class. Students should try to give a clear introduction to the basic principles of the topic, and emphasize applications which may arise. 

Students may choose any topic in modern Solid State Physics, including (but not limited to) the following: 

Graphene: Physics, Synthesis, and Applications 
Transition metal dichalcogenides (e.g. MoS2) and other 2-D semiconductors 
Superconductivity (including high-Tc superconductors) 
Dielectricity and ferroelectricity 
Multiferroic materials 
Phase-change memory 
Spintronics and spin dependant transport 
Topological Insulators and Quantum Spin Hall systems 
The Rashba and Dresselhaus effects 
The Hanle effect and spin-FETs 
Ferromagnetism and anti-ferromagnetism 
Half-metallic materials 
The Tunneling magneto-resistance (TMR) effect and magnetic tunneling junctions 
Organic spintronics 
Organic photovoltaics 
Molecular electronics 
The Kondo effect and the quantum blockade 
Plasmons, polarons and polaritons 
Optical processes and excitons 
Advanced nano-scale characterization techniques 
Scanning probe microscopy (SEM, STM, AFM, SPEM,...)