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Advanced Nanotechnology (A)

Credits: 3

Lecturers: Pao, Chun-Wei (RCAS) and Lee, Wei-Li (IoP)

Classroom: P101 Meeting Room, IoP

Class hour: Wednesday, 09:10-12:00

Course overview: (updated on 2/25)

This course will cover the following topics:

PART I: From Feb. 24th to April 13th by Dr. Chun-Wei Pao

How and why do nanomaterials form?

Date Topic
2/24 Introduction and review of thermodynamics
3/2 Capillary
3/9 Diffusion: Elementary Concepts
3/16 Diffusion under External Fields
3/23 Diffusion and Self-Assembly
3/30 Phase Separation
4/6 Nucleation and Growth
4/13 Special Topics in Nucleation and Growth – Growth Kinetics of 2D materials


  • Robert T. DeHoff, ”Thermodynamics in Materials Science“, McGraw-Hill
  • D.A. Porter and K.E. Easterling, ”Phase Transformations in Metals and Alloys“, Taylor & Francis

PART II: From April 20th to June 6th by Dr. Wei-Li Lee

Carbon nanostructure

Date Topic
4/20 0D system, carbon-based buckyballs (fullerene)
4/27 2D system, emerging material : graphene
5/4 1D system, carbon nanotube

Nanomagnetism and Spintronics

Date Topic
5/11 Introduction to magnetism
5/18 Magnetic Nanostructure
5/25 Spintronics (I)
6/1 Spintronics (II)
6/8 Other novel materials and their physical property
6/15 Study group oral presentation lunch boxes provided
6/22 Final exam


50% final exam + 30 % oral presentation + 20 % class attendance